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Race with Hello Kitty and her Sanrio Friends as they race on land, in the air and over water. Drive, fly, and boat through new Hello Kitty tracks, such as Icicle Alley, Cosmic Way, and Island Paradise. Use power-ups to speed past your competitors or to slow them down so that you can catch up. Test your racing skills in the Adventure Races, such as Cupcake Hunt and Apple Run.

Play as Hello Kitty, Keroppi, Badtz Maru, or Cinnamoroll, with more Sanrio Friends available for In App Purchase.

Fun Power-ups

  • Speed Boost – 3 Bursts of Speed
  • Cream Pie – 3 Cream Pie missiles
  • Shield – Invulnerability
  • Traffic Cone – 3 Traffic Cones obstacles
  • Clock – Slow down all your opponents
  • Rainbow Ride – Zoom towards the front

Race through up to 12 Tracks (4 Available for In-App Purchase), with more to be added.

Test your racing skills over 10 Adventure Races (5 Available for In-App Purchase), with more Adventure Races to be added.

Use On-screen Pad controlleror the Tilt steering to control your racer.
Single Player.

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In-App Purchases

150 Hello Kitty Coins - $1.99
400 Hello Kitty Coins - $4.99
900 Hello Kitty Coins – $9.99
4,800 Hello Kitty Coins - $49.99

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